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Tiny doses, transformative changes. Unlock enhanced focus, deeper mindfulness, and improved emotional balance with Attune. Experience the subtle yet profound benefits.
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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Stephens
Life changing

My coach had me start on this. It's amazing. The emotional awareness has changed my life and health, it's brought me to a place I didn't know I could be.

Does everything it claims!

I’ve been dosing on and off for a couple years. I’ve wondered if it was a placebo effect, but after my last time off I can say with certainty how effective it truly is. I live a very healthy lifestyle. Daily exercise, clean eating, therapy, and I keep good company, but sometimes that’s not enough. I’m back on my doses this week and I’m immediately feeling the positive changes. Highly recommend.

Eamonn Store
More Macro than Micro

I love this product.
Much better than any other product I have tried.
My only comment is the dosage is a little more macro than micro for me.
I find half a pill a day is is the right for me.

Life changing!

I have been taking Attune for over two months and I can’t verbally explain how grateful I am to have discovered this product. Now my entire family is taking them and friends as well! I deeply recommend everyone to try them. You’ll feel light, awake and more aware! Never been so aligned with myself and filled with so much joy for life.

Tyler Moore
Forever a staple

I've used Attunes since 2021 when I lost my dad. Life was crazy, i was super depressed. and after months of therapy, i considered going on anti-depressants. i never ever wanted to take those. my friend suggested microdosing.

i am familiar to mushrooms, but wasn't familiar to microdosing. i found attunes and omg when i took the first pill, i felt true euphoria for the first time in over 6 months. since 2021, i have been on a strict microdosing schedule. i'll take time off here and there, but i never want to run out of this medicine.

i feel even better than i did before my dad passed. it's amazing. i've recommended this product to multiple people and they all love it.